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Tera Online [NA]

Баги , читы, софт , скрипты и боты для игры Tera Online [NA]

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  1. Tera Online

    Game: Tera Online
    Game Version: LIVE-58.03 EME #11
    Process Game: TERA.exe
    Functions :
    [x] - Sliding. Off[Allows you to move on terrain with steep angle]
    [x] - Landing. Off [Instant landing from great height]
    [x] - Animation. Off [Disable falling animation]
    [x] - Freeze in Air [Allows you to freeze in the air]
    [x] - High Jump [Allows you to increase jumping height]
    [x] - Quick Jump [Allows you to increase the jumping speed]
    [x] - Air Jumping [Allows you to jump in the air]
    [x] - Levitation [Allows you to fly]
    [x] - Acceleration [Allows you to boost flight speed]
    [x] - Coordinate [It allows you to freeze the Z coordinate when you are standing on the ground]
    [x] - Flight [Allows you to fly where it is impossible]
    [x] - Snowballs [Allows you to hit enemies even if you miss]
    [x] - Endless Flight [Lets you fly mounts endlessly]
    [x] - Immediate Speed [Lets you freeze the speed]
    [x] - Walk Mode [Lets you walk]
    [x] - Zoom Hack [Increases maximum zoom out of camera]
    [x] - Viewing Angle [Increases your viewing angle]
    [x] - Smooth Zoom [Allows you to zoom smoothly]
    [x] - Quick Zoom [Allows you to zoom fast]
    [x] - Teleport [Allows you to teleport to a previously saved point]
    [x] - Ghost [Lets you walk / fly through walls]
    [x] - Magnet [All players / monsters nearby will be attracted to you]
    [x] - [CS] Remove Gates [Allows you to remove all gates in CS]
    [x] - [CS] Destroy Crystal [Allows you to be invisible and destroy crystal]
    [x] - Auto attack [Makes you untouchable when using this skill]
    [x] - Invisible [Makes you invisible and untouchable]
    [х] ~ Character Size [Allows you to resize your character]
    [х] ~ Animation Speed [Allows you to change the animation speed of your character]
    [х] ~ Mount Size [Allows you to change the size of your mount]

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