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  1. [GM]Watson


    Outdated, no is regular mantenience. 10 day this trainer is outdated. I cant take you pay for this motive.
  2. [GM]Watson


    Is oudated, trainer. And i can't update.
  3. [GM]Watson

    Tera Proxy - Slash Exploit

    for protocol 321152 C_HIT_USER_PROJECTILE = 61267 eu servers
  4. [GM]Watson

    Payment Button

    Soon to open a payment button for trainers
  5. [GM]Watson

    Useful to know

    After the payment is made, please the patient and wait after the payment has been made, you will be provided with a link so that you can download the trainer, you may have to deactivate the antivirus in order to fully download the trainer for a logical reason . Download the trainer in a folder on another partition or off the desktop. When downloading the trainer you will have a login window in which your user will enter and a key that we will send to you, in order to send you that key you will have to press the button to copy and send us by pm that key that we will use to give you the final code . Be patient with us please, it may take up to 24 h to send you the key.
  6. [GM]Watson

    Useful to know

    Question : How to access "[VIP] Section"? Answer : To get into the "[VIP] Section" you need to buy access. Question : How much is the access "[VIP] Section" ? Answer : You can buy access - 15.00 $ / 1 Month. Question : On how many is bought access to the "[VIP] Section" ? Answer : Access is bought for 1 Month. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. [GM]Watson

    New Section Administrator

    I will try to help in everything that is possible. Thank you for choosing us.

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